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In Season

FISHING: Trout (in trout parks) – Now to Oct. 31; Black Bass: Largemouth, smallmouth, spotted/Kentucky (from Ozark streams) – Now to Feb. 28, 2013; Species open all year include: Bass – White, yellow, striped and hybrids; Black bass; Catfish – Blue, channel, flathead; Common snapping turtle; Crappie – Black and white; Muskellunge; Mussels and clams; Non-game fish; Northern pike; Pickerel – Chain and grass; Rock bass; Sturgeon – Shovelnose; Trout (in trout management areas. Soft-shelled turtles – Now to Dec. 31; Bullfrogs and Green frogs – Now to Oct. 31; HUNTING: Coyote – Now to March 31, 3013; Groundhog – Now to Dec. 15; Squirrel – Now to Feb. 15, 2013; Species open all year include: Feral hogs.

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