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Boy Scout Troop 27 Participates in Summer Camp

June 10, 22 boys and four leaders headed 30 miles south of Fredericktown to Camp Lewallen for Summer Camp.  Camp Lewallen provides a perfect destination for Scouts to experience nature at its best.  The camp sports a rifle range, swimming pool, climbing tower, and a lake among many other amenities.

Campers “rough it” with Scout troops from all over the state.  They stay in two-man tents and sleep on cots.  Their food is provided by the camp in a dining hall and staff members provide merit badge classes and entertainment for all campers.            Troop 27 campers earned a total of 136 merit badges while at camp.  Merit badge classes ranged from robotics to wilderness survival.  Four campers also completed the mile swim: Tyler Reese, Joseph Garza, Christopher Sutton, and Jonas Spain.

Scouts are invited to climb Mount Logan, a mountain within the camp grounds, and stay the night on top of the mountain.  Eleven Scouts from Troop 27 made the trek with two of their leaders and experienced sleeping outside under the stars and waking to the sun rising up through the hills.  

Several Scouts completed their wilderness survival badge while at summer camp.  In order to complete the badge a Scout must build a shelter and sleep in it overnight. While at camp, Scouts have responsibilities such as being waiters in the dining hall and keeping their tents orderly. They have an inspection of their tents at one point throughout the week. Summer camp gives Scouts a sense of achievement. They stay away from home for a week, without the normal electronics as their entertainment and must get through their time at camp taking care of their own necessities. Wednesday night at camp, parents are invited to come have dinner with their Scout and experience a Scout campfire.  Troop 27 had an abundance of parents visit on Wed.  Camp participants gave their parents a tour of the camp and the surroundings they have experienced during the week. If you have a child interested in Boy Scouts of America, call John Hargis at 573-561-4525 or Kyle Bastie at 573-934-6007 for more information about Troop 27.

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