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Man says he exposed himself because he was mad at wife

PARK HILLS — Nicholas Jordan Hager, 22, who was charged Wednesday afternoon of attempted enticement of a child, attempted child kidnapping, first degree sexual misconduct and second degree sexual misconduct told investigators he “exposes himself because he gets mad at his wife.”

Hager, a convicted sex offender and St. Francois County resident is currently on parole and being held in the county jail.

According to Park Hills police, Hager approached two juvenile girls about 10 p.m. Friday behind a gas station. It’s also believed he exposed himself to three juvenile girls on Saturday morning in an alley located near a park and gas station.

Hager told police he expose himself to three female juveniles behind the Dollar General Store and two other juveniles behind the C-Barn convenience store.

The probable cause statement states that Hager also allegedly exposed himself to a woman on the Farmington Wal-Mart parking lot. He was found by investigators after police were able to trace the license plate given them by the woman.

Just prior to Friday’s incident in Park Hills, it was reported to Desloge police that four juveniles were approached by a man on S. Harry Junior Street.

Desloge Police Chief James Bullock told the Daily Journal that a man driving a black Mustang asked the juveniles how to find Brightwell Park. When one of the girls, a 9 year old, approached the man to speak to him, he allegedly offered her money to perform a sexual act. The girls then ran away from the vehicle to two separate residences.

Investigators are looking into Hager’s possible involvement in the Desloge incident.

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