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Woman is blown away by kindness

Gladys Edwards is nearly reeling with surprise about the kindness pouring in after she asked for help with the annual Back-to-School Fair.

Edwards was asked by Young Faith in Christ to help get donations for children who have been screened for eligibility by East Missouri Action Agency. She went to ask the Ladies Auxiliary in Leadington to see if they would take one of the items on the list.  

“I told Joyce Byrd if they could do one, I’d be thrilled to death,” Edwards said. “She said, ‘We’ll do them all.”

The list included 300 each of boxes of tissues, safety scissors, blue pens and black pens, as well as 600 pink erasers.

“I can’t get over it,” Edwards said. “They got everything. It came to a little more  than $1,500.”

After a story about the fair ran in the Daily Journal, offers of help began to pour in.

“I can’t believe how many people have helped with this fair,” Edwards added. “Their kindness is wonderful.”

A man from Ironton volunteered to bring his machine that makes smoothies, milkshakes and snow cones.

Area businesses donated coupons, gift cards and said they would provide food/drinks. County officials have offered to help and other organizations have offered to donate school supplies or other items.

The kindness has spilled over into Edwards’ personal life. One man washed her car for free, another paid for breakfast, and a women cleaned Edwards’ earrings while she was having medical treatment.

“I can’t believe how many kind people there are,” she said.

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