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Madison County Land Transfers

WD: Lonnie E. Nations & wife Trust to Billy Kelley & wife

WD: New Era Bank to Joshua Marler & wife

QC: Larry Henry & wife to David L. Thiele

Ben Deed: Jerry Edward Clapp to Linda Kay St. Clair

QC: Linda D. Smith to Alan D. Smith

WD: Glenwood Tinsley By Trustee to Robert Lawler & wife

Ben Deed: Edward J. Hale Jr. to Michael D. Hale Et al

WD: Fannie Mae to Joe Jarrett & wife

WD: Lila Monie to Jesse Howson & wife

WD: Anchor Enterprises, LLC to Joseph D. Lindsey & wife

WD: Lonnie B. Crocker & wife to Billy J. Phillips & wife

QC: Leslie C. Ramey & wife to Rebecca Shepard

QC: Timothy D. Elders to Teresa L. Brown

WD: James C. Thal & wife to Neel & Cureton Investments, LLC

WD: Scott Neil Graham & wife to Gale Venable & wife

WD: Arnett Properties, LLC to Ivan Statler & wife

WD: Allen L. Helms Et al By Trustee to Steven L. Helms & wife

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