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Police and Courts

Four male juveniles, ages 15, 11, 10 and 9, were arrested on suspicion of attempted arson, second degree burglary and institutional vandalism after an incident at the Fredericktown Elementary School August 19, according to the Fredericktown Police Dept.

A department incident report, states, on the evening of August 19, the juvenile suspects lit a fire on the playground of the elementary school then attempted to ignite a gas main near the basement of one of the buildings using cardboard, paper and orange construction fencing.

The juveniles also allegedly exploded a parcel of gunpowder in an attempt to blow a door lock in order to gain unlawful entry to that structure. The report states they said they obtained the gunpowder from dismantled .22-caliber shells.

The boys were arrested after authorities identified them on surveillance camera. A hearing was held last week in Madison County Court. The names of the accused are withheld due to their juvenile status.

The acts of vandalism led school officials to close the playgrounds on evenings and weekends.

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In an unrelated case, Cole R.Womack, 17, of Farmington has been arrested and charged with first degree motor vehicle tampering, a class C felony.

According to police reports, Womack allegedly took a vehicle from a residence in Fredericktown without the permission of the owner. The keys were in the cup holder.

According to the report, he then drove the vehicle to Farmington and stopped to get gas. After pumping the gas the car would not start, so he started walking. Farmington Police found the suspect intoxicated and with the keys to the vehicle in his pocket.  

Womack is currently in the Madison County Jail on a $10,000 cash-only bond. He will appear before Judge Robin Fulton September 13.

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