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Cooking for one

Well, my life is back to normal after my husband’s annual hunting trip to Colorado.

He has made this trek for the past 30 years, but this year was a special year, as he and his hunting buddies find that this may be “no country for old men.”

They decided to make it an extended trip … one last hooray … you might say just in case they can’t all make it next year.

This year their trip, which normally is just for elk season (a two-week trip), was extended when they decided to go for bear, antelope and elk seasons. Which meant (you guessed it), I was a hunter’s widow for more than six weeks.

Now, normally when my spouse is gone for two weeks in the early fall, I use the time to do things that I enjoy – reading, watching ‘chick flicks,’ scrapbooking – but most of all NOT COOKING.

Well, six weeks of eating TV dinners, pot pies and tuna casseroles is just a little much, so this year out of sheer desperation, I adapted some recipes for one.

That’s not really an easy task but eating leftovers all week can sometimes be more painful than pulling a TV dinner out of the freezer.

I found that chicken seems to lend itself best to cooking for one and even though it is not the most economical way to purchase chicken, buying a bag of frozen chicken breasts was the most practical way for me to go. I found many ways to make those pieces of chicken taste delicious and had no leftovers and best of all no big mess to clean up afterwards.

I’ll share with those of you who might be living alone (maybe you have already discovered the best way to cook for one and if so, please feel free to share) and for those of you who will soon become deer season widows for a short period of time.

Lemon and Pepper Chicken

Cut chicken breast into small chunks. Sauté with butter in skillet with finely chopped onion and green pepper strips. You can add carrots, but I tried that also and it gave the whole dish a different taste and texture. Add lemon juice. Just keep adding butter and lemon juice until onions are soft and chicken turns white.

Stir as you would if making a stir-fry dish. Sprinkle with oregano, rosemary and basil. Make sure there is enough liquid, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Check often and add butter and lemon juice as needed. Serve over a bed of rice.

Chicken in a Bag

Place a chicken breast in small baking bag, pour can of cream of mushroom soup into bag and add can of green beans (drained). Close bag and bake for 45 minutes in 350 degree oven.

Serve over rice.

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