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Much more than 15 minutes

Each of us has said: “Now I’ve seen it all.”

Well, we haven’t. Every day, you will witness something which has never happened before.

Here is an example: It was either October 25 or 26 (I don’t remember which), when a man came into the Democrat News office and asked if he could be in the “15 Minutes of Fame” column. We were happy to oblige a 92-year-old World War II veteran, who said he wanted to be in the column, so he could “share it with his children.”

Saturday, October 27, Charles “Henry” McDowell died in his home. His full obituary actually appears in this issue.

Fulfilling Mr. McDowell’s wish, he appeared as our 15 Minutes of Fame, last week. Hopefully his children, Dan, Ray, and Nancy, appreciated  their father’s wish to share this information with them.

As an honored World War II Army veteran, a husband, father, brother and grandfather, his legacy will always be much greater than letting every Democrat News reader know he enjoyed steak and potatoes and Wheel of Fortune. As Veterans Day approaches, we will honor and show gratitude to all who have served.

I’m Just Sayin’, I’m glad the newspaper had the opportunity to help one veteran get 15 more minutes  of fame.

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