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Chilly Morning

A good chilly morning to you all. The temperature dipped down to 25 or below and boy, what a frost we had. Nothing survived that frost.

Our church at Liberty on E Hwy was blessed with some good gospel singing yesterday. Connie Smith, her husband and her brother sang for us. Connie has been down in Nashville for several years, writing songs, singing and recording. She said, “Now I’m back in Missouri.” I don’t know if she meant to live or just visit. She had family with her, I presume her parents but I’m not sure. She said she actually originated from Fredericktown. We felt honored to have them visit our church on Pastor Appreciation Day. We hope they will return sometime.

Rodney Joe Mills of this area had a terrible accident on that real windy day last week. He was in the log woods, where he shouldn’t have been and got a tree or a big limb on him. He had to be air evaced to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. He is getting along fine but is in bad shape. I haven’t heard for sure just how bad he really is, but put him on your prayer list.

This is a brand new week and back to regular time. The morning is flying by but last night, time was crawling. I think daylight saving time should start the first of April and end no later than first of October. My heart aches for those little ones that has to stand out in the dark waiting for a school bus. By the way, it’s drizzling rain this morning.

K.R. and Mae McKinney, Bob and Betty Riley, Kevin and Lori Siliven and Jeremy and Casey Patton and two children were down from Illinois over the beautiful weekend. They came down to winterize their campers. I enjoy their time when they are down here because I enjoy my time being with them.

I never did hear exactly how bad Rodney Joe Mills was hurt in the log woods but his mother put on Facebook that he is doing fine and in therapy now. So good for him. Keep him in your prayers. Since his accident his mother Nancy had an accident with a deer–banged up the front of her car real good. Those deer have been busy moving around. Next week they will get smart and go into hiding. We’re glad to hear Rodney Joe is getting along so good.

We need help–Jearlyn Buford and Edith Swinford are planning a benefit for Troy Prier on November 17th from 5 p.m. to 7:30 at the Tabernacle in Roselle, Mo. Those that remember, I think it happened the first part of the year, not exactly sure about that though, but he was hit in the side of his head with a tree limb. He was in the hospital for several months–he needs help. He can’t work nor hasn’t been able to get disability. Now he is having more problems with his back from this accident. They are serving chicken and dumplings and I think should serve chili and soup. Not everyone likes chicken and dumplings. Now they need some volunteers to play and sing gospel music. I’m sure someone can do this. For more information call 573-697-5392 or 697-5833 Swinford or Charles Buford 546-2513.

Ken and Iva West of Festus and her sister Bernice and Ron Pursell of Lake of the Ozarks were down last weekend at their campsite.

Belated birthdays to: Sheila Nelson, Shirley Royer, Sarah Sullivan, Morgan West, Mae McKinney, Janice Struck, and Hannah Files. I hope you all enjoyed your special days and have lots more.

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