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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We sure do have plenty things to be thankful for, though right now I feel the bad is outweighing the good. I had some tests run at Parkland Hospital recently and they all came back O.K. so that is something to be really thankful for and I am but on the other hand we’re having car trouble and that is way hard on us, since Mercedes is going to college and has to drive every day. Hopefully, things will work out.

I was so sorry to read or see in the Democrat News about the passing of James (Jim) Stanfill. His wife Jeanette and rest of family have my deepest sympathy. Bro. Jim preached some at Jewett several years back. God bless you all.

Rodney Joe Mills got out of the hospital the day before deer season opened and actually killed a deer. I’m glad he got to come home. I never did know just how bad he got injured with that tree or limb. I hope he continues to improve. I know his two kids missed him.

I got the news that Thelma Hartley had to be taken out by ambulance. I haven’t heard for sure but they think she may have had a stroke. Pray for her.

Paul and Beverly Fischer of Robertsville, MO was down to Wilda Blanton’s over the weekend. Paul came to hunt deer but I think also helped look for that little six year old girl that got lost. I think there should be a law that no child under 12 being out in the woods during deer season. You don’t have to be too smart to figure all that out.

Rocky Hamilton of Tennessee and his son Jeremiah of Kentucky came up Thursday evening, put some new flooring in for his mother Carol Hamilton, then did some deer hunting. I hope they had good luck. I’ve saw more deer during this year than I have the past two or three years put together. I didn’t mean Rocky and son deer hunted on Thursday or Friday, they deer hunted on Saturday. Putting in new flooring isn’t a speedy job.

I was so sorry to hear that Nadine Pierson fell and broke her hip for the second time. I understood her daughter to say, she Nadine had just recovered from a broken hip. Please lift her up in prayer. She’s in her 80s.

Wanda West of Annapolis is having a terrible time with her leg and hip. Can barely walk, yet she and her friend Bev are planning their yearly trip to Branson.

We really got a rain recently. The creeks are rolling pretty good now. They needed a good flushing out.

Belated birthday wishes today the 15th to a friend Shirley Watts who lives around Buckhorn; I hope you have a great day Shirley. Others having birthdays are my pastor Bro. Bob McKinney the 19th of Farmington; Lori Beth Matthews, Fredericktown the 20th and Wilma McDowell E. Hwy the 20th; Mary Ann Reed the 21st E. Hwy; Jimmie West of Jewett and Bobby West of Fredericktown the 23rd. I hope you all have extra special days.

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