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Mysterious stranger lends a hand to retired couple

A Bonne Terre couple were shown an act of kindness while stranded with a flat tire in Farmington earlier this year.

Carvel and Violet, who asked we not print their last name, were on their way back from Clearwater Lake. The couple, who are both in their seventies, was driving on eastbound Missouri 32 with their camper and boat when they heard a loud “pop.”

“I asked my husband if we hit something and he said ‘no, I don’t think so,’ ” said Violet.

Carvel and Violet pulled up to the stoplight in front of the Jack in the Box. Violet said as they were sitting there a young man in back of them, in the other lane, got out of his vehicle and came up to their truck to tell them they blew a tire on the camper.

The couple then pulled into the big parking lot by KFC. The young man who told them they had a flat had followed them into the parking lot. He got out of his vehicle and offered to help.

“It was about 97 degrees out that day,” said Violet. “My husband said ‘no’ at first, but then said if he wanted to that was ‘ok.’ “

The kind stranger took over for Carvel and did most of the work to change the tire, according to Violet. She said that Carvel tried to help him, but he just said no.

After the tire was changed, the stranger just smiled and shook Carvel’s hand and left. 

“We tried to pay him, but he just politely said ‘no’ and went on his way. We didn’t know his name and didn’t think to ask, but we somehow want to say ‘thank you’ for his kindness and help,” Violet said.

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