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Updated filings

Farmington filings

As of this morning the following people had filed for office in Farmington: Mayor – Stuart “Mit” Landrum; City Attorney – Kevan Karraker; Ward 3 – Dennis Smith; Ward 2 – Corey Gibson; Ward 1 – John Robinson

All are incumbents seeking another term. No one has filed for Ward 4 yet.


Leadington residents will be voting for mayor and two seats on the board of aldermen. Both aldermen seats and the position of mayor are for 2-year terms. Incumbent Alderman Casie Braddy and Jim Hurt have filed for positions on the board of aldermen. Incumbent Mayor Troy Dickens has also filed for re-election

St. Francois County Health Board Director

Three positions are available. Two have filed so far, John “Jack” Poston and Diane Williams.

St. Francois County Ambulance District Subdistrict  3

One person has filed for the three-year term, Jason (Stammy) Stamm.

St. Francois County Ambulance Subdistrict 6

One person has filed for the three-year term, Lee Roy Calvert.

Doe Run Fire Protection District Director

There is one six-year term and one person has filed, Bobby Johnson.

Frankclay Water Supply Subdistrict 1 and 3

These are three-year terms. No one has filed yet.

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