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Councilman suffers stroke

A veteran council member was missing during Monday night’s council session. Councilman Larry Forsythe reportedly suffered a “massive stroke” over the weekend while out of town visiting a family member.

Mayor Stuart “Mit” Landrum announced that Forsythe had experienced what he called a “massive stroke”, adding that considering the seriousness of the health event he was showing remarkable recovery. “It’ll be a long and difficult row to hoe for Larry. It will take him a while to get back,” he said.

With the other seven council members in attendance, Landrum began the meeting with a word of prayer for Forsythe’s quick and complete recovery. The group then moved directly into a short agenda for the specially-scheduled meeting, moved ahead one week due to the upcoming Christmas holiday.

City Administrator Greg Beaver told the group that work continues on a tree planting effort near the intersections of U.S. 67 and Business 32 and U.S. 67 and Maple Street. Roughly half of the planned plantings are complete with the others to be added in coming months.

Councilwoman Lynn Crites announced that “Food For Fines” will continue at the Farmington Public Library through Dec. 29. Patrons owing fines can donate one canned good for each $1 of fine to clear the debt. She also told the group that Winter Wonderland, happening on the main floor of Long Memorial Hall, will continue through Friday evening.

Three new pieces of legislation were approved. The first two dealt with the second phase of a Planned Unit Development, Applewood Apartments Phase 2, just off Electric Street on the city’s north side. The third was an adjustment lowering a development fee charged when new construction is permitted. The council voted unanimously 7-0 on all three new bills.

The council will meet next on Jan. 10 at 6:30 p.m.

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