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Winners of writing contests receive awards

Scholarship Chairperson and Ladies Auxiliary President for the Farmington VFW #5896 handed out scholarship awards to students at St. Joseph Catholic School in Farmington and Farmington High School.

Chairperson Etta Matthews handed out the Patriot Pen Scholarship awards to three students at St. Joseph Catholic School. First place winner was seventh grader Kimberly Ramos. Her scholarship is worth $75. Second place was eighth grader Joe O’Hara. His was worth $50. Third place was eighth grader Nick Westrich. His scholarship was $25.

Matthews and Auxiliary President Debbie Cartright handed out the scholarships to two students at Farmington High School. First place winner was senior Kristen Grief with a scholarship of $100. Second place winner was Christopher Clark with a scholarship is $75.

Grief also won the District 8 competition. The winner for the Voice of Democracy contest will be announced in January 2013.

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