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Readers want others to know of kindness

The Daily Journal received not one, but several stories from readers who witnessed an act of kindness in the Parkland this week. We are grateful to our readers for submitting these acts of kindness, and hope to publish many more in the days to come.

Clyde, who is 88 years old, needed a few items at Desloge Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve. He said while he was waiting in line a lady he did not know stood behind him with a few items herself.

“I invited the lady to get ahead of me in line. She hesitated and requested I go ahead with my purchases. I told her to please go ahead of me; I may need to step out of line to pick up something I may have forgotten. She thanked me and stepped ahead of me,” Clyde said.

Clyde’s handful of items came to $11 and some change. When he handed the salesclerk his money, she smiled and told him the lady in front of him paid for his purchase, and wished him a Merry Christmas.

“At 88 my hearing isn’t what it was a few years ago. I said ‘excuse me?’ to the clerk. She repeated herself, and handed me change. I asked the clerk how it was possible to get my items free, and receive money back,” said Clyde.

The clerk explained that the lady left $20 for his purchase, and if anything was left to give him the change and wish him a Merry Christmas.

“To the lady who did this have a blessed year and thank you. Like most senior citizens who pay taxes, purchase medication, and spend what we can for our families at Christmas, your gift of $20 was appreciated,” said Clyde.

Judy Aubuchon was at Save-a-lot and buying groceries for her daughter who recently got out on her own when she was subjected to some kindness by a stranger.

“I only had so much money to spare so I got the necessities and had to put back a pack of Burritos which were like $2.99.  After paying I proceeded to bag my groceries then a man came over and laid the burritos on the counter,” said Aubuchon.

She said after the stranger paid for them she thanked him two to three times. She also saw him as she was putting groceries in the car and thanked him again.

“It was generous and very kind of this gentleman to do this. I just want to share my story so everyone knows there are still kind people out there. It made my day and my daughter’s,” Aubuchon said.

Cherie Coleman said on Monday she was in line at the local Sonic when she was blessed with a random act of kindness.

“You know how Mondays are, the morning is slow going, I don’t sleep well on Sundays, probably like most folks, anyway it is freezing and I pull up to Sonic and order a large Cherry Sprite,” said Coleman.

Coleman said she took her gloves off and got her money out. Once she pulled up to the window, the cashier said, “You owe nothing. The lady in front of you paid for yours too.”

“What a wonderful surprise. She was driving a white SUV. I went to work at Washington County Memorial Hospital and had to tell everyone. This made my day. There is still goodness in people,” Coleman said.

Please share your stories with any of our reporters for this occasional column.

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