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Dean’s Lists of MAC Students Released

PARK HILLS – The Dean’s List was recently announced for the Fall 2012 semester at Mineral Area College in Park Hills. Students so honored must earn no grade below a “C” or any incomplete grades, be enrolled in at least 12 hours of two-year degree credit, and have a current grade point average of 3.25 or higher.

The following students maintained a 4.0 grade point average for Fall semester:


Bates, Scott A;

Bellew, Morgan L;

Brinkley, Michael L;

Cook, Darren G;

Duncan, Brandon W;

Hall, Holly M;

Kissinger, Grace R;

Lamphier, Jennifer L;

Lineberry, Ashley N;

Martin, Summer M;

McDonough, Brittany ;

Minx, Joshua D;

Noubarian, Abbygale ;

Orton, Melinda E;

Penwell, Regan R;

Pritchett, Tabitha D;

Simmons, Lindsey M;

Williams, Kirsten M;

Marquand, Missouri

Frymire, Timothy M;

The following students maintained a 3.25-3.99 grade point average for the Fall semester:


Abernathy, Amanda N;

Abernathy, Thomas C;

Allgier, Russell J;

Armes, Kelsey M;

Barnard, Dalton C;

Bellew, Brittany N;

Brewington, Andrea D;

Carrell, Jenna D;

Crome, Wendy D;

Dodd, Rhonda J;

Filley, Raymond M;

Hamlett, Brittany R;

Hinkle, Teresa A;

Kissinger, Hope L;

Lay, Carla A;

Mays, Elizabeth M;

McDowell, Marty L;

Mooney, Abbey G;

Moore, Talitha ;

Osborne, Stephanie E;

Pogue, Sarah E;

Poindexter, Tracy L;

Reichert, Tiffany R;

Sebastian, Thomas H;

Slinkard, Jessica R;

Starkey, Jennie R;

Stephens, Cortney L;

Stockmann, Thomas B;

Sullivan, William C;

Tinnin, Courtney K;

Tuller, Daniel P;

Valencia, Ezra L;

Wagganer, Leah D;

Wagganer, Valerie B;

Ward, Tanner R;

Whitener, Hannah D;

Wiser, Rachel E;


Ferguson, Elizabeth M;

Ferris, Angela M;

Meek, Olivia H;

Schuh, Carrie S;

Shipley, Rosemary A;

Stephens, Crystal R;

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