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Madison County Commission Minutes

January 28, 2013, the  Madison County Commission met with the following members present: Presiding Commissioner Bob Mooney, First District Commissioner Tom Stephens, and Second District Commissioner Jim Thompson.  Bill Starkey from the Cherokee Pass Fire Department and Joyce Ealick were present.

The Road and Bridge acting supervisor Ernie Robinson reported a culvert pipe on CR 423 is damaged on one end and will not allow drainage. He said they will not replace the culvert until the loggers complete their work in the area.

He said the department is hauling rock to CRs 422, 506, and 508 today and a grader is working on CR 416 in the Saco area.

Robinson said he met with Joe Clark who lives on CR 269 concerning a request to build up the road in an area that has a flooding problem.

A request for information concerning the proper procedure for being appointed to the Madison County Sheltered Workshop Board of Directors was addressed by Commissioner Mooney. He explained the Commission only approves the requests from the Madison County Council for Developmentally Disabled (MCCDD), not the Sheltered Workshop. The citizen had been directed to the Commission for clarification.

Bill Starkey from the Cherokee Pass Fire Department appeared and expressed concern about two incidents last week.  He said the maps at the 911 operations center shows fire district boundaries and the dispatchers should be thoroughly acquainted with which department responds to a fire.

Bryce Guenther appeared to complain about a county employee who Guenther said used inappropriate language while in a county uniform at a local place of business.

All three Commissioners attended the Fredericktown City Council meeting and a District Commissioner’s meeting in Dexter last week.

Presiding Commissioner Mooney said he attended a County Commissioners’ Board meeting in Jefferson City last week.

He also attended a Multi-County Economic Development meeting, a Solid Waste Planning meeting, Air Quality meeting and a Regional Planning meeting in Perryville along with an Environmental Roundtable in Fredericktown last week.

He also met with the E-9-1-1 Director to discuss some issues and checked work completed on several county roads.

Commissioner Stephens and Commissioner Thompson looked at CR 205. Commissioner Stephens and Ernie Robinson looked at several county roads to check maintenance needs.

Commissioner Thompson attended the Marquand School Board meeting last week. He also received a call from John Priday concerning CR 500.

Commissioner Thompson checked the Castor River crossing on CR 320 along with the recent repairs made on CRs 303, 313, and 315. Commissioner Thompson said he addressed an issue on CR 404.

No further business was transacted on January 28, 2013.

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