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Concerned with direction of government, rising costs

Dear Editor,

President Obama doesn’t get it. American people don’t agree with him and don’t believe he is doing the right thing. We can’t run our household finances like our government is being run. We are stopped from borrowing when we don’t have the assets and income to support it and our government should be stopped at this point so our debt crisis isn’t passed on to our children and grandchildren.

Interest is low now. When it doubles or triples and our interest on trillions doubles or triples, what are we going to do, borrow more money and sell the independence and security of our country?

What good does it do to cut spending if you are going to raise taxes to cover it and there is no net reduction in spending (it’s a wash).

Right at half of the American people don’t agree with the present direction we are headed and if Christians and more working people would let their voices be heard, I feel a great majority don’t agree with many things such as limiting guns on law-abiding citizens (crooks will have them; they don’t respect the law), messing with marriage between people of opposite sex and Christian biblical beliefs, spending more than is taken in and increasing our debt and constantly trying to scare the American citizens instead of taking control and really doing the right thing for America.

Many are already hurting with increased withholding from paychecks, much higher gas prices year after year, higher fees on many things and high cost of many things we need to do business such as materials, equipment, advertising, electric, water and sewer and on and on. Check these things out. Advertising in our local paper has almost doubled and the paper cost is up 50 percent. On top of all that, there are more regulations and requirements which take much more work time away from business people.

We need a big and consistent move by our government to pay down debt, remove regulations and reduce fees so we can let the real sleeping giant move, the small business of America. We are America, not the government.

William H. Killian

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