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No much going on

Good morning everyone. I don’t really have much to write about but I have to try. My readers are going to get aggravated looking for my column in the paper and not finding it. I just haven’t been feeling the greatest along with other problems.

Well like I said Wanda West really got a surprise on her 80th birthday. It was held in the Nazarene Fellowship Hall. She kinda smelled a mouse when she got to the door in the church but when the door opened, she almost passed out. There was 70 people waiting to wish her happy birthday. Most of them were Wests, so she should now know that her in-laws think pretty highly of her. She is a sweet person. We all enjoyed the party. Almost like a West reunion.

I had a nice visit by phone with another special sister-in-law Norma West. She sounded like she was feeling real good and I’m glad.

Keep Anna Marie Persons in your prayers. She needs our prayers real bad. She lives over at Fredericktown, only 17 and fighting cancer. Bless her heart.

It sure looks like spring out now. Trees are really greening out, dogwood and red bud are blooming now and oh how beautiful the bradford pears are and the forsyith. It just makes you feel so good to look around and see all of God’s handiwork. No man can do all of that. How can anyone not believe in God?

Homer Propst of this area passed away recently. He had been battling cancer for some time. He grew up in this community. Our sympathy to the loved ones. Geraldine Russell Chiles also passed away. She also grew up in this community, being the daughter of the late Dan and Thelma Russell. She had two brothers, Bud and Jesse, all done passed on. She had a  younger sister but I know nothing about her.

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