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Church League Softball

The Church League preseason tourney was won by St Michaels 1. David and the Giants took second, Calvary Temple third and Penuel Fellowship fourth.  

The following were the individual game results;

St Michaels 1 over Oak Grove 17-5

Calvary Temple over Believers Fellowship 17-10

David and the Giants over New Providence 21-4

Penuel Fellowship over St Michaels 2. 9-6  

St Michaels 1 over Calvary Temple 19-11

David and the Giants over Penuel Fellowship 32-21

3rd place game Calvary Temple over Penuel Fellowship 43-8

Championship game St Michaels 1 over David and the Giants 24-7

May 7 results

Calvary Temple over St Michaels One 15-12

Penuel Fellowship over Oak Grove 15-14

Believers Fellowship over St Michaels One 10-9

Oak Grove over New Providence 21-9

David and the Giants over Believers Fellowship 20-11

St Michaels Two over New Providence 18-17

Calvary Temple over David and The Giants 14-13

St Michaels Two over Penuel Fellowship 25-15

New softball website

by Kevin Kemp

Fredericktown softball has a new website. It will be used for posting of local league rules, schedules and other items and announcements pertaining to softball in Fredericktown. Right now adult league info is up and possibly youth league items will be added soon. The address is:

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