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Our Hope

Having seen the devastation that the tsunami created in Sri Lanka several years ago, it is difficult to imagine that today, one can walk the beautiful shores there and see people going about their business as usual.  The impact of the storm is still evident, but the people have put the trauma aside and moved ahead.  Much like the event of 9/11, New Yorkers (and Americans) have put aside the sudden impact and dug deep into their hearts and lives and found “hope” in moving on.  After the horrific tornado in Joplin, the citizens rested in their “hope” and assurance in their Heavenly Father, neighbors, friends, strangers, and volunteers  from all over the country.  Fredericktown has experienced some life changing issues ourselves; the wind hurricane, the middle school burning, and kidnapping of children.  No town or community is guaranteed complete safety, but “hope” for a better future lies there for the taking.  Now, Moore, Okla., is facing a huge challenge.  Again, their “hope” lies in the faithfulness of God to be with them, the assistance of others, and the strength to carry on and move ahead.  Not that any of these tragedies are or will ever be forgotten.  Not that any and all of the citizens are without struggles, heartache, and life changing decisions, but how they come together and deal with the issues will be important for their futures.  I believe it is our responsibility to constantly be aware of the problems of others, contribute however we can, keep them in our prayers, and let them see that there is “hope” and light at the end of the tunnel.  There are those who do care and want only the best for them and will help in every way possible.   As participants, we can only do so much.  It is up to each of them, and each of us, to deal with whatever comes our way, put our faith and “hope” in God, and trust that He will bring us through, stronger and more caring and loving than ever before.      

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