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Madison County Commission Minutes

 June 3, 2013, the  Madison County Commission met with the following members present: Presiding Commissioner Bob Mooney, First District Commissioner Tom Stephens, and Second District Commissioner Jim Thompson.  


The Road and Bridge acting supervisor Ernie Robinson did not report because the department was overlaying and patching roads.


The three Commissioners met with the Madison County Sheriff and Fredericktown Police Captain last week.

Stephens checked the progress of patching operations on some District One roads last week, visited the E-911 department and the Road and Bridge department last week.

Thompson visited the Road and Bridge department and looked at several District Two Roads. He had a call from residents living on CRs 216, 218, and 232 with overhanging limbs and tall grass. All three roads had tall grass. He met with a resident living on CR 258 and visited the E-9-1-1 department several times last week.

Sunday, Thompson, Stephens and Robinson drove over part of the county checking for flood damage caused by the heavy rains.

Mooney received a call from a resident living on CR 441. He attended a Solid Waste Management meeting along with a SEMO Regional Planning meeting in Perryville last week. He also visited the E-9-1-1 department several times.


Commissioner Thompson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Stephens to approve accounts payable. The motion carried.

No further business was transacted on June 3, 2013.

Presiding Commissioner Mooney adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

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