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Living means changing

When I was 11 years old I would never imagine there would be a time when, although I had money enough to buy all the fireworks I wanted, I wouldn’t want any fireworks even if they were free. That’s not to say Sam and I didn’t enjoy our carefully chosen fireworks in the happy days of our childhood. It’s just that I grew up and my fireworks fixation phased away. Isn’t it like that, concerning a lot of our desires and interests, as we roll along the railroad of life? They can change.

Yes, that’s what happens to everybody. Some changes are forced and not what we would have chosen at all, some inconsequential, and some are wonderful and rewarding. Living means changing, which is a good reason why we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on every facet of life, knowing that even though something may be worth everything today, on down the line it may prove to be worthless. Of course, some values hold forever, but it’s the disappointing ones that we need to be braced for.

I like to think I am in control, but every now and then something comes along that blows that theory right out of the water. Those are the times when I need to pray that God will grant me to have the best and most appropriate reaction to the state I find myself in, which I haven’t always done. That’s when I have to ask forgiveness and God is faithful to forgive me. He has prepared a place for His people so wonderful, that we can’t even imagine how it will be. That is certainly going to be a glorious change from the curves and bumps that we all experience down here. That will be one change that we can expect for sure and it’s the one that will make everything else, even the bad stuff, worth it all.

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