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Bismarck aldermen to meet tonight

The Bismarck Board of Aldermen has released the tentative agenda for its regular monthly meeting set for 7 p.m. tonight at the old city depot.

It is as follows:

• Call meeting to order, roll call and Pledge of Allegiance

• Approve minutes from the June 13 regular meeting and executive meeting

• Approve minutes from the June 27 special meeting

• Approve financial statement, payment of bills and invoices / purchase orders

• Old business: Approve Ordinance 13-04 amending section 1 of Ordinance 12-03 so as to update and clarify the fees to be charged for sewer services

• New business: 1) Approval of 2013/14 merchants license pending proof of “no tax due” letter from the state; and 2) Approval of Ordinance 13-05 to repeal section 5 of Ordinance 06-09 with reference to a “Sewage Treatment Works Fund” and in lieu thereof, to establish a “short-lived assets” account to be established for the sewage treatment plant equipment

• Committee reports: 1) Depot Committee; 2) Planning / Zoning Committee; 3) Personnel Committee; 4) Finance Committee; and 5) Building / Securities Committee

• Department reports: 1) Police Department; 2) Fire Department; 3) Utility Department; 4) Treatment Plant; 5) Animal Control; and 6) Municipal Court

• The tentative agenda of this meeting also includes a vote to close part of this meeting pursuant to RSMO610(1,2,3) related to personnel issues, real estate matters and legal matters.

Meetings of the Bismarck Board of Aldermen are open to the public.


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