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Another great Singing Convention

The Singing Convention was really good (never had a bad one yet!).

Twelve churches were represented and we had two special visitors who came all the way from Arnold. One man, Lester Bowling, was a member of our 1961 graduating class. The other man, I’ll call him Mr. Chapman because his first name has fled my memory, at least for the time being. Anyway, I do remember that Mr. Chapman is a brother to Kathy (C or K?) and Marvin Chapman. We were proud to have them join us, and appreciate all the others who came, as well.

I’m getting ready to go to Springfield with my son Freddy to spend a few days. We planned this on short notice so I’m having to scurry to get everything like I want to leave it and trying to decide what and how much to take with me. It’s good that Freddy has lots of patience. I’ll take that as a sign of good raising, don’t you think that’s what it is? We plan to catch at least part of the Church of God of Prophecy Convention while I’m there.

On Sunday mornings Freddy goes to the Greene County Justice Center to have church for those who want to attend. They have two services, average attendance at the first being four to six men, and 10 to 16 at the second. There are 550 inmates in the facility, awaiting their trials. Fred says a person can’t just attend on a whim, but has to be previously signed up and keep to rules of good behavior, etc. He also goes on Thursdays and holds church again in the same manner.

He says the men enjoy singing and that I would be surprised at how many church songs the men know and how well they sing. Freddy used to lead the singing at our church, so I know they have a good leader and that’s at least half the battle for good singing.

I’ll be signing off now and heading for Springfield, see you next week.

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