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Sheriff’s Dept. asks city to collect $2 surcharge

Ste. Genevieve

The Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office asked the City of Ste. Genevieve to consider collecting a $2 surcharge as part of its municipal court fines, according to a report in the Ste. Genevieve Herald.

Money collected from the surcharge would be used for the Inmate Security Fund. The fund can be used for equipment to enhance the safety of or service for inmates at the Ste. Genevieve County Detention Center.

Previously, the fund has been used to maintain an electronic fingerprinting machine and the automated commissary machine as well as other items such as utility improvements and even a popcorn machine.

The county passed an ordinance July 2, 2007 to collect the surcharge, which is authorized under state statute.

Letters were sent to the mayors of Ste. Genevieve and St. Mary in March of 2011, requesting the cities collect the tax, the Herald reported. The board of aldermen for St. Mary considered adding the charge in January of 2012, but later voted against it in February of that year.

At an Aug. 8 work session for the Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen, Police Chief Eric Bennett said of the surcharge, “I would certainly be in favor of it.”

He noted that the Sheriff’s Office does not charge the city any fees to house inmates.

City Administrator Martin Toma said he would need to consult further with City Attorney Frank Elpers since he had received the request on the day of the meeting.

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