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City wants marker for unmarked graves

Madison County

What was once known as the Newberry cemetery -the oldest cemetery in Madison County – is now a cleanly-mowed area of land. The plot is maintained by the city of Fredericktown.

City Administrator Greg Stratman is looking for a committee of volunteers willing to find a way to honor those individuals who are a part of Fredericktown’s past.

For whatever reason, the decision was made to remove the headstones marking the burial sites. It’s believed that decision was made in order to make it easier to care for the cemetery.

The headstones were thought to be taken to a local landfill. Yet, they’ve not been located.

Some markers are still visible. One tombstone has been placed on a concrete pad with a brass plaque noting the person who is laid to rest there. At other areas, tombstones can be found buried just beneath the dirt. Although the headstones are no longer at their original spots, there is a list of those who are buried at the site.

Stratman said he hopes for a committee to come together to find a way to honor those who had a part in the history of the county. It has been the wish of many throughout the years for a marker with the names of those at the location to be placed in recognition.

Anyone interested in being a part of such a committee can call Stratman at City Hall. The number is 783-3683.

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