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Hope and Faith everlasting

The news about the possibility of war is not good. It is scary to contemplate how it would be to have war here in our own country, and I find it hard to imagine. It’s being said we don’t even have the military resources to protect our own country, much less to jump into someone else’s war, and that’s certainly not encouraging. How in the world did we get in this shape and will we ever recover? It seems that everything we trusted and thought was working well, went down and disintegrated so quickly. I wonder if we were not listening, not understanding or just plain old dumb about what was gathering force, maybe for quite a while. However, all is not lost.

In contrast to our dire position, hope that is faithful and eternal looms bright and large before us. God may not choose to change the reality of our situation, but He’ll be with us until it ends, no matter what happens from here to there. When the time comes to step into God’s Heaven, it will be worth everything endured on the way.

Knowing and believing doesn’t keep my knees from shaking or keep me from worrying about what’s going to happen, but it gives me comfort and assurance in the very depths of my heart. I know that, imperfect and cowardly as I am, my eternal life is secure because I have turned myself and my life over to Jesus, who sacrificed His own life and body to save mine.

Regardless of the troubling news, I had a very enjoyable group of people out to my house for music, fun and food last Thursday. We had a terrific pot luck dinner (could it be a coincidence that all my friends are good cooks?). That very day we found out that Shirley Hamilton can sing, but was just waiting for a special occasion to break forth. I am honored that she chose my house to make her debut.

In closing, I urge all who will to pray for our president, our country and our people.

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