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The Beginning of Fall

It’s that time of year again, where we have some cooler evenings, the fall flowers are beginning to bloom, pumpkins and cornstalks and scarecrows are popping up everywhere, baseball is coming to a close (except for the Cardinals!  GO CARDS!), and football is happening on gridirons across the nation.  

It is hard for me to believe that we are already into October, with Halloween just around the corner.  I actually got out my decorations this past weekend and couldn’t help but remember some of the past years with my children, my grandchildren, and even my great-grandchildren.  

I remember one year when my mother made pumpkin ice cream and put it in waffle cones.  I’d never had that before and it was a delightful treat for us all.  These days there’s pumpkin everything it seems like.  But personally I don’t mind.  I love the taste and smell of pumpkin.  Plus, I hear it is good for us, so bring it on.

Now I’m not a cold weather person, being from the South and all, and I would rather wear capris and sandals than sweaters, coats, and boots.  But I do love driving around and seeing the different decorations and ideas, watching the trees change their colors, listening to the children get excited about parties and costumes, deciding on what kind of treats to hand out, and the cooler days without the A/C running.  

We have had a beautiful Summer and now we are beginning to experience a lovely Fall.  Let’s all enjoy every moment and share our joy with others. God has given us the four seasons for a reason.  Every one of them is here for us to appreciate and live to the fullest.  Let’s share that enthusiasm for life with those around us and make happy memories for them as well.

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