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Former hospital facility billing clerk charged

A former employee at the Madison Medical Center has been charged with stealing more than $5,000 between Feb. 10, 2012 and May 14, 2013.

According to the probable cause statement from the Fredericktown Police Department, Cathy Shipley worked in the business office at Madison Medical Center and was the nursing home billing clerk. Part of her responsibilities were to collect and log the cash transactions of nursing home residents for their bills.

On May 14, 2013, Shipley quit her job and failed to give notice. She had been questioned before by law enforcement during her time at Madison Medical Center about funds missing from accounts, but there was no evidence to link Shipley and she denied all allegations.

A patient complained they had paid the nursing home and they had a receipt to prove it. Because of the complaint a more broad view of the nursing home receipts was completed.

Shipley had seemingly taken the payment and never posted it to the account. Then it was discovered there were several cash receipts not posted and not deposited between Feb. 10, 2012 and May 14, 2013.

The total amount of missing cash discovered was $5,472.30. However the amount could increase as the review continues.

The detective in charge of the case said all receipts were collected from Madison Medical Center to show where the clients had paid Shipley cash and she gave them a receipt but the money was never turned in or deposited. In some cases Shipley would deposit money, but it would be two or three weeks later.

Her bond was set at $10,000. She is currently out on bond and her next court appearance is set for Oct. 24.

Maridee Lawson is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-783-3366 or

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