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‘Continuity of Care’ available Oct. 21

The most comprehensive guide for finding information on local hospitals and the services provided, support groups and the programs they offer, as well as information on assisted living and many more services in the area will be available Oct. 21.

The Continuity of Care has been published by the Daily Journal since the mid-1980s and serves as customer-friendly way to provide the community with much-needed information. Everything the reader needs is right at their fingertips.

The Continuity of Care allows readers to find information on dentists, nursing homes, support groups along with hospitals, assisted living and hospice care among other things. Readers will be informed about the services offered by these providers they may not otherwise have known about. For example, hospice care programs provide respite care for Alzheimer’s patients and their families in addition to their other services.

Former Daily Journal Managing Editor Sherry Greminger said the Continuity of Care was the brain child of Steve Spence, advertising manager for the Daily Journal at that time.

Spence met with local health service providers wanting to get information about how their programs helped the community. He presented them with the idea of a publication that would highlight the services they provide.

Spence recalls the name “Continuity of Care” came from the group he met with on that day. The very first publication would go on to receive state recognition as one of the top in the state.

Greminger said the Continuity of Care special section grew from the moment the first edition hit the newsstands.

“People would call after the first edition came out asking why they weren’t included? We told them ‘we didn’t know about you but we know about you now.’ That’s the way it’s been year after year. It seems each year we’d have more and more,” said Greminger.

And, almost 30 years later, the Continuity of Care continues to provide Daily Journal readers that same level of excellence

“I think it’s one of the best products the Daily Journal puts out. And, I’ve always thought that from the very beginning,” said Greminger.

Home delivery customers and those purchasing a copy of the newspaper from a display will find a copy of Continuity of Care in the Oct. 21 edition of Daily Journal and Oct. 23 edition of Democrat News.

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