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The Thanksgiving Pies

The story is told of a northern midwest family who was planning on attending a Thanksgiving celebration dinner at a relative’s home.  The items they were to bring to the dinner were pies.  The mother had been extremely busy with working and other chores, so she decided several weeks in advance to order pies from a nearby bakery, to relieve herself of added pressures.  She wanted two pumpkin, two pecan, and three lemon meringue.  The night before Thanksgiving, a huge snowstorm came through the area making it difficult to go anywhere. The family was determined to have their dinner with the rest of the relatives, so they divided up and drove in two vehicles to their destination.  The mother and her daughter went to get the pies at the bakery and then would meet the rest of the family at the relative’s home.  The snow was deep, the wind was blowing, and the streets were icy, but they finally made their way to the bake shop.  When she asked for her order, the owner said he thought since the weather was so bad that she would not be able to get there, so he sold the pies to the last customers and was closing the shop.  As she got back into the car, she told her daughter there was another bakery across town and that they were going to go there and see if that bakery had any kind of pies left at all.  Carefully and slowly they made their way to the other bakery.  When she walked in, the shop owner was surprised that someone would be out in that weather and told her he only had seven pies left; two pumpkin, two pecan, and three lemon meringue!  Just what she wanted!

When things don’t always work out the way you planned, don’t give up and just accept it.  “Go for it” another way.  Look for another solution.  The answer might just be around the corner or across town.  Our Heavenly Father always has the answers we need, if we will just seek His advice.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone and enjoy your time with family and loved ones.  

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