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Madison County Commission Minutes

November 25, 2013, the  Madison County Commission met with the following members present: Presiding Commissioner Bob Mooney, First District Commissioner Tom Stephens, and Second District Commissioner Jim Thompson. Interim Fredericktown City Administrator Doug Friend and Ivan Kranjec attended the meeting.


The Road and Bridge department reported work is being done on the bridge on CR 313. Other washouts are being repaired.


Ivan Kranjec inquired about the progress being made on the improvement to CR 313. The commissioners said they are in the process of having it surveyed and recorded.


Sheriff Bobby Spain presented a contract for the annual fingerprinting fee. He said a new policy has been put in place that no Madison County Sheriff cars will leave the county effective November 30, 2013, except on official duty.


Interim Fredericktown City Administrator Doug Friend introduced himself to the County Commission. He said he is in the process of becoming acquainted with Madison County, the projects already in place and wants a unified working relationship. Proposed TIF projects were explained in depth along with expected future growth.


Mooney and Thompson attended the District Commissioner’s meeting in New Madrid last week.  Mooney said he has completed the grant paperwork from the Missouri Arts Council. He also looked at several roads in southern Madison County last week.

Stephens and Thompson visited the E-9-1-1 department, the Sheriff’s office and the road and bridge department last week.

They also checked the condition of CRs 415, 509 and 526 and the patching work on CRs 503, 505, and 507.

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