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After extended break, local school districts adjust calendars

Local school districts are back in session after an extended break due to winter weather. Now the districts are working on plans for making up the missed days.

Marquand-Zion R-VI Superintendent Scott Blake said he normally builds ten snow days into the school calendar.

“We have a maximum of ten snow days to make up before Memorial Day. This year’s calendar was made before I arrived and there were only six days built in,” said Blake.

Blake said the calendar, which is approved by the school board members, will have to be adjusted now to fit the ten snow days missed.

“Students will likely get out later than expected,” Blake said. “Right now the end of the year is early May and it will likely be pushed back, especially if more snow comes.”

Marquand-Zion’s first two make up days will be Jan. 20 and Feb. 17.

“We will likely set the end of school (year) in March,” Blake said.

Fredericktown R-I Superintendent Chadd Starkey said the district has missed 12 days but with Missouri law some of those days are forgiven.

According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education: “A qualifying district is required to make up the six scheduled make-up days, plus half of the additional days lost up to a total of ten make-up days. The remainder of the days and hours lost may be forgiven.”

Starkey said the district will also make up its first two days Jan. 20 and Feb. 17 and the rest at the end of the year. The Board of Education voted at the December meeting to use the dates in January and February as its make-up days.

“Our original last day of school was May 16 but now it will be later,” Starkey said.

The R-I Board of Education will decide in March or April when the last day of school will be.

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