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City officials, guests discuss sign ordinance

The Fredericktown Board of Aldermen discussed Fredericktown’s sign ordinance and approved request from the electric and public works departments, Monday night.

Fredericktown City Attorney Mary Boner said she wanted to give the board of aldermen a memo to highlight the policies of the sign ordinance from Planing and Zoning.

“One thing I didn’t like in there was the off premise signs,” Alderman Harold Thomas said. “I still want it changed.”

Alderman Phil Wulfert asked for examples of the off premise signs.

Mayor Kelly Korokis said she’s called four different cities who have these types of ordinances.

“Two do not allow them, one does and one is tricky because they are in commercial/industrial areas that face a specific area. They only allow businesses in that commercial area to have signs,” said Korokis.

Chamber Director Kyle Wright said the bypass really cut town in half, but by allowing the signs, it would help the businesses.

Korokis said if they could have several businesses on one sign it would be more beneficial.

Ivan Kranjec, business owner said, “My personal opinion is we have a sign on Highway 67, it says Madison County Farm Supply, to exit now. We could put a sign up on our own property by McDonald’s to say how to get to our store. If you put a small sign up, it is a total waste. A larger one is needed because there is so much more going on.”

Kranjec continued, “We always advertise community affairs because there are always things going on in town. For example, farmers market, Cub-Arama and downtown events. Everyone gains from it and the sign is very much needed for the community.”

Planning and Zoning Committee member Jennifer Ballew said the committee is trying to aid local businesses.

“I work with Robin Vance, who purchased a sign from MODOT on Highway 67,” Ballew said. “Vance couldn’t get a permit for a sign from the city which tells how to get to the winery from the highway. It was a waste of $800 a month because people didn’t know where to go once they got off the highway. People on planning and zoning are trying to give businesses a competitive chance.”

City Administrator Doug Friend said he will look at the Planning and Zoning ordinance and have some recommendations for the next meeting.

Next, the board of aldermen approved the purchase of bleachers for the parks department  and the purchase of additional carts for the sanitation department. They also approved the completion of the fencing project for the animal shelter.

During regular session the board approved an ordinance to execute an agreement between the City and Horner and Shifrin Inc. for the Community Development Block Grant. They also approved an agreement with Mortgage Star LLC.

The next Fredericktown Board of Aldermen meeting is at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 24 at city hall.

The Fredericktown City Council met Monday to discuss its utility bills and sign ordinance.

The Fredericktown City Council met Monday to discuss its utility bills and sign ordinance.

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