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Police Department taking advantage of equipment grants

The Fredericktown Police Department has recently received some new items for the department, through grants.

Fredericktown Police Captain Eric Hovis said the department recently received a 2002 Brinks Armored Truck, which it applied for more than a year ago.

“The Brinks truck is a full-armored freight liner truck. The truck will be painted and we will have to get it ready for use. Hopefully we will have it ready before our SRT event in April,” said Hovis.

The armored truck will be used as a command post for the police and sheriff departments and equipped with radios.

“We will be able to use the truck for hostage rescues, if there are shots fired or other rescue situations,” Hovis said. “When we were called out to help with the shooting of Deputy Chris Parsons we saw how important things like this were. We were involved in the manhunt and that’s when we began our SRT training.”

The department has also received ten LED Lightbars, ten Motorola Mobil Radios, and ten Panasonic Toughbook  laptops. All of these items were received from St. Louis County.

Hovis said they had to go on a list to be awarded ten of each item.

“They are helping a little brother department. Michelle Ryan, who is Sergeant of equipment (in St. Louis County) has been a big help getting the equipment for our department,” said Hovis.

Hovis says the department tries to get grants because money is tight.

“We want to make every effort to be frugal and save where we can,” said Hovis.

The second annual Chris Parsons SRT event will be held April 11 and 12 at the Fredericktown Training Facility.

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