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City to consider restricting horseback riding

The Fredericktown City administrator suggested an ordinance to help restrict horseback riding in the City, and the Board of Aldermen approved requests from the water department, electric department and the wastewater department during Monday’s meeting.

During the regular meeting, City Administrator Doug Friend said he has met with Fredericktown Police Chief Eric Hovis to try to resolve the horse situation.

“It has come to a point where I have received numerous complaints about the horses in town. There is nothing in the books to help him, I would recommend giving him an ordinance to help restrict people to either ride during the day or during special occasions,” said Friend.

Friend said he and Hovis have both been receiving numerous complaints from residents and businesses and will continue to work to resolve the issue.

The board approved a recommendation from planning and zoning for a minor subdivision of Robert Kiepe, at 7116 Highway OO to combine two lots.

Building Inspector Richard Macke said it is a special permit where a resident purchased two lots and wants to build a home on them.

Fredericktown Mayor Kelly Korokis said the Azalea Festival was a huge success and Azalea Board President J.C. Shetley appeared and wanted to thank everyone for their participation and support.

“The city float won $100 and money is going back into the parks,” said Korokis. Korokis said she also participated in the Mom-A-thon this past weekend and there was a good turnout and would like to thank the Fredericktown Police Department for their help with directing traffic.

Next, the aldermen heard from Junior Shell about a request by the water department for the high service pump repair or replacement proposal.

Shell said he recommends a new motor for the pump because they are not sure about the condition of the equipment.

“I am expecting we will have to purchase the casings and motor. Everything is the original equipment. It is probably 30 years old,” said Shell.

Aldermen Paul Brown asked if there was money in the budget to purchase and make the repairs.

Shell said the department had the money available and made sure this item was in this year’s budget.

The board approved the purchase.

Next, the board heard from Vince Grieshaber about replacement and rebuild proposals and a request by the wastewater department for an electric control panel.

Grieshaber said there was a difference in the quotes, and he was going to double check, but would recommend purchasing from Total Blue Book with Total Electric Inc. installing.

The board approved the recommendation if the numbers were correct and everything was included in the quote.

The aldermen approved the travel requests by the electric department for its apprentice training program.

The next Fredericktown Board of Aldermen meeting will begin with work session at 5:30 p.m. and regular session at 6:30 May 26 at Fredericktown City Hall.

The Fredericktown Board of Aldermen met Monday for a work session and regular council meeting. 

The Fredericktown Board of Aldermen met Monday for a work session and regular council meeting. 

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