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Work progresses on new football field

The North County School Board recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the soon-to-be-improved football field. Even though the work has not begun, they had to jump through some hoops to make it happen.

Superintendent Dr. Yancy Poorman discussed what is happening and said the EPA funds for the current funding cycle had expired. Therefore the money for soil removal was unavailable until the next round of federal funding. This wasn’t scheduled for five to six months. That would push the project back to next summer for field installation.

“That isn’t what we promised our constituents so in order to keep our word to our public that the field would be done this summer, and meets the requirements of the EPA, the district approved $30,890 to be spent for ATG to remove the contaminated soil and keep the project on schedule,” said Poorman. “The district has a letter of approval from the EPA to take this action.”

Upon completion of the field, and another round of funding being released, the district will apply for reimbursement for the expense. The base cost of the project has not changed, and the scope of work to be performed has not changed. The order of apportionment was adjusted to remain on schedule.

“I just want the public to understand what we are doing. We are keeping our word on what would be done with passage of the bond issue. North County has no control over the EPA and its’ work schedule, but we want everyone to understand that their local representative has been very good to work with. They (EPA) are working with us to keep things timely and on track,” said Poorman.

One week into the project and the top layer of the football field has been removed. On Monday, Poorman said they are moving along and are even ahead of schedule.

“We had one tiny minor detail with some electrical lines, but we pulled them up and buried them with no issues,” said Poorman. “They are three or four days ahead of schedule. Of course, we missed the major rain and that’s really helped. This is going great. I was amazed how fast they have taken it out.”

ATG Sports President of Construction Services Don Bolinger said so far the weather has held off for them and it’s progressing nicely.

“We have the field excavated all the way down to sub-grade right now and we are going to start the perimeter drain system and concrete work in the next few days,” said Bolinger. “We are scheduled for completion the first week of August but it could be sooner.”

One week into the project and the North County football field has been excavated down to the sub-grade.

One week into the project and the North County football field has been excavated down to the sub-grade.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or

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