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A Different Perspective

On whom or what do you focus the majority of your attention?

I believe that is a good question for each of us to contemplate. Could it be your job? Of course we must pay attention and concentrate to a certain degree on whatever profession we have chosen. Otherwise, we would not have a job.

We do need to be very careful that our jobs are not coming before our families though. This can cause discontent and make even bigger problems down the road.

Might it be making money? I’m afraid all too often we dwell on the affluent rather than being grateful for that which we already have. Do we look at corporate executives, athletes, movie stars as having all the best and that’s the way we would like to live? When you get a raise, do you put that extra aside in savings for a ‘rainy day’, or go out and spend it on useless items to satisfy your immediate desires?

Where we focus our attention depends upon where we put our priorities. As a young person, most are seeking to find out what it is they want to pursue in life. College? Work? Marriage? Children? Ministry? All of these are legitimate questions for them to ask and will give them a forward mind set to achieve their goals. For those who already have these answers, our focus can help to set us on the second mile in life and enables us to complete our mission. All too often though, we become ‘side tracked’ and our focus becomes about us, our wants, and our desires rather than what God would have us to be and do. I know I’ve said this before, but my mother used to say that real joy comes from putting Jesus first, others second, and yourself last.

Getting our focus off of ourselves and on to the needs of others will lead us in the correct direction and we will achieve our true purpose in life. Ask the Lord for guidance and direction and He will show you where and when to go. Put your focus on Him first and your life will be a blessing where ever you are.

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