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Rape charges are dropped against Bonne Terre teen

Some very serious charges against a Bonne Terre teenager have been dropped.

This week, St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney Jerrod Mahurin dropped the 13 charges of forcible rape against 18-year-old Brady J. Newcomer.

Newcomer had been charged in September after a female, one year younger than him, told authorities that Newcomer forced her to comply with sexual intercourse 13 times beginning in 2009 when she was 13 and 14 years old. 

Mahurin said there was no way for the state to know at the time the charges were filed that the “victim” fabricated the story. The case came to the prosecutor’s office through the juvenile system after Newcomer was certified through the court as an adult. 

Mahurin said his office recently did depositions and during these depositions, this new evidence came forward. He said the “victim” admitted that when she didn’t know the facts, sometimes she would make up answers. 

The office immediately dismissed the charges. Newcomer had been out on bond awaiting trial. 

Mahurin is looking at possibly charging the female with perjury or filing a false report. 

Brady Newcomer

Brady Newcomer

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