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R-VI District ready to show off new gym

The Marquand-Zion School District is preparing to use its new FEMA building this upcoming school year.

Marquand-Zion Superintendent Scott Blake said the new scoreboards have been placed, sound panels to help with noise are up, wooden floors are installed and the bleachers are finished.

“The only thing we have left to complete is the front entrance so the floor doesn’t get mud and dirt on it,” Blake said.

The goal for the district is to be able to play games in the new gym during the 2014-2015 school year.

“It is a really nice facility,” Blake said. “We have the older facility and will still utilize it for the stage and physical education classes.”

Blake said the new gym is full length and regulation size, while the old gym was not.

He said the district wanted to thank local businesses and community members for their support with the project.

“We are looking forward to our first games to show off the new additions to the building,” Blake said.

He added that the district is still looking for donations to help complete the project. For more information contact the Marquand School District at 573-783-3388 or the Friends of Marquand.

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