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Madison County Police and Courts

Armed criminal action charge dropped, bond reduced for Marquand man

A Marquand man accused of unlawful use of a weapon, three counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of armed criminal action, which are all felonies appeared in court Thursday.

Kenneth Buchheit, 67, pled not guilty to all counts. His attorney Christopher Hartmann asked for a bond reduction since the charges have been amended and the armed criminal action charge has since been dropped.

“The armed criminal action was the most serious charge of them all,” Hartmann argued. “The probable cause statement lists one child being threatened and I am not sure where the other two were at the time. My client has family, property and other ties to the county to keep him here.”

Hartmann said the charges are based on a property line dispute that has been ongoing and his client will stay away from there.

Madison County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jason Cox said Buchheit showed up at the property waiving a gun around and their probable cause statement shows three children listed and ten adults.

Madison County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Scott Killen said there were statutory reasons for dismissing the armed criminal action charge.

Madison County Associate Judge Robin Fulton said he would reduce the bond from $50,000 to $25,000 cash-only.

“The defendant is not to go within one-mile of the Stephens Cemetery and stay away from the victims,” said Fulton.

According to a Madison County Sheriff’s Department report, Buchheit drove his tractor up to the Stephens Cemetery where a man along with some of his family and friends were gathered on July 5. Buchheit got into an argument with the man and Buchheit pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the man and began threatening everyone there.

The man said Buchheit waved the pistol at him and several others.

Buchheit’s next court appearance is at 9 a.m. Aug. 28 at the Madison County Courthouse.

Bond modified for local man charged with forgery, theft

A Fredericktown man had his bond modified during his initial court appearance Thursday.

Keith A. Bell Jr. has been charged with forgery, which is a class C felony, harassment and theft or stealing, which are both misdemeanors. Attorney Christopher Hartmann entered his appearance during his arraignment.

Bell’s bond was set at $3,000 and Hartmann asked for a bond modification from cash-only to surety.

Madison County Associate Judge Robin Fulton agreed to modify Bell’s bond from cash to surety.

“He must have no contact with the victim and if he attempts to contact her he will go back to jail with no bond,” said Fulton.

According to a Madison County Sheriff’s Department report, Keith Bell Jr. and the victim got into an argument June 4. The victim stated Bell was constantly calling and texting her after he left and had to block the calls, but Bell started using other phones to get in contact with her.

The victim told deputies Bell also stole property valued at $100 and then stole money from her checking account using the routing numbers and used it to pay his bills.

Bell’s next court date is set for 9 a.m. Aug. 28 at the Madison County Courthouse.

Evaluation ordered for man accused in firearms incident

A Fredericktown man has been ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation after appearing in court Thursday.

Don Moyers was recently arrested and charged with two counts of assault, one count of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of unlawful use of a loaded firearm and armed criminal action, all are felony counts.

Madison County Associate Judge Robin Fulton asked the defendant several questions and the defendant was not cooperative.

“I am going to order a psychiatric evaluation and have the public defender’s office represent him for the time being. I don’t know if he is really having issues or if he is trying to delay the process so we need to find out,” said Fulton.

Fulton ordered Moyers to remain in jail until an evaluation could be completed.

The family thanked Fulton for helping Moyers.

The victim asked about the process for the damages Moyers caused.

Fulton told him to speak with the prosecutor’s office and they could set him up with the workers compensation office and would work on getting him restitution for the damages to his property.

According to a Madison County Sheriff’s Department report, a deputy was dispatched to a residence for an argument between Don Moyers and two men who were trying to install windows in a mobile home. Moyers, threatened the men with a shotgun. The men were able to get it away from him and secure it. Later, Moyers came to the back door of the mobile home with a pistol and pointed it at both men and fired a shot striking the driver’s side mirror, damaging the tailgate, and hitting one man on the back of his neck and back.

Moyers next court date is set for July 31 at the Madison County Courthouse.

Local man charged with attempted burglary, assaulting law officer

A Fredericktown man was charged with second-degree attempted burglary and second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, which are both felonies.

According to a Fredericktown Police Department report, officers arrived at a residence on Thost Street at 2:16 p.m. July 8 for a burglary investigation. During the investigation, the victims stated they were asleep and Derrick Cox, kicked in the door, stepped in, saw them and turned around and ran back to his residence across the street.

Officers went to Cox’s residence to speak with him. According ot the report, when Cox saw the officers, he ran to a table in the living room, the one officer saw something small and shiny, which appeared to be a gun.

The officer then entered the residence and placed Cox on the ground to restrain him. The officer reported Cox was resisting arrest. While walking to the patrol car, Cox heel kicked a second officer. When the officers got control of Cox and got him to the patrol vehicle, he attempted to head butt the first officer, but instead hit his head on the patrol car.

According to the report, Cox told officers he had taken 30 to 40 Xanax.

Cox appeared Thursday for his initial arraignment at the Madison County Courthouse.

He pled not guilty and filled out an application for a public defender. He was approved and Assistant Public Defender, Jessica Ciacco entered her appearance.

Cox’s next court appearance is scheduled for 1 p.m. July 17 at the Madison County Courthouse.

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