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Sheriff’s Office warns about scam

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is warning people to be aware of an old scam that recently resurfaced in the area.

The sheriff’s office has received several complaints over the past couple of months from county residents who say they got calls from someone claiming that a loved one was jailed or in trouble in a foreign country and needed help.

“These callers were trying to solicit money to get (the fictitious loved one) out of jail and/or get them home,” the Sheriff’s Office reported in a July 22 written statement.

Sheriff Glenn Boyer advises residents who might get such a call to check with other family members to verify that a loved one actually is in a foreign country and needs help before considering sending any money.

“The sheriff’s Ooffice is more than willing to take (residents’) calls to help try and verify the legitimacy of calls such as this,” the report said.

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