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Heroin overdose death nets 20-year sentence

A Leadington man has been sentenced to 20 years in connection with a 2012 heroin overdose death.

Circuit Court Judge Kenneth W. Pratte sentenced Christopher Sebastian, 22, of Leadington, to 20 years in prison for possession of heroin with intent to sell and involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of 36-year-old Michael Lambing of Park Hills. Lambing died as a result of acute heroin intoxication on March 2, 2012.

Wayne O. Harris, 48, of Park Hills, has been found incompetent to proceed with trial for distribution of a controlled substance and second-degree murder in connection with the same case. A case review is scheduled for Oct. 14.

According to court records, a Park Hills police officer and EMS were dispatched to Harris’ residence on Sixth Street for two men who were unconscious. Lambing was determined to be dead while a 56-year-old man was unconscious and pale.

The 56-year-old man was treated at the hospital for heroin overdose. After being treated, the man told detectives that Harris sent three girls up to St. Louis to get heroin. He said when Harris got the heroin, he gave it to Sebastian who put some on a spoon. The man said he talked them into letting him try it and he took a smaller amount of heroin than the others. He said that is all he remembered.

Harris initially said he found the others doing heroin and considered kicking them out but allowed them to stay because he is a “good, Christian person.”

He said at 2 a.m. he and Sebastian threw water on Lambing and the other man’s faces because they were passed out.

He said at about 5 p.m. he began cooking bacon and Sebastian threw away syringes in a storm drainage ditch.

When asked about $100 that a witness said he took from Lambing, Harris said he took the money because he was trying to help Lambing keep his money. He said he holds money for all his guests. He said he used a bit of the money to buy lottery tickets but was going to give the rest of it back.

After the first interview, Harris asked to speak to the detectives again. He said he lied and he really got the heroin early that day from a guy who lives on the next street who is always working outside on cars.

He said he gave Sebastian three $20 pieces of heroin on credit and Sebastian gave Lambing and the other man each a piece.

Sebastian said Harris was lying because Harris had four people bring back a package of heroin. He said he did yard work that day for Harris in exchange for the heroin.

He said Lambing took a spoonful of heroin, shot up and dropped. Sebastian said he tried to catch him but Lambing fell to the floor. Sebastian said the other man shot up and dropped too.

Sebastian said he started to freak out and told Harris to call 911 but Harris wouldn’t let him. He said Harris said they were fine, “just nodding.” He said at one point, he saw Harris take $100 from Lambing.

Sebastian said he threw water on the men and noticed Lambing was not breathing and was turning blue. He said he did chest compressions while Harris’ girlfriend blew in Lambing’s mouth. He said Harris was just telling him not to call 911. He said Harris then told him to wash the spoon so he did and then he bent the needle on the syringe and threw it in the woods by the sports complex.

Sebastian said as he was leaving Harris’ residence, Lambing’s girlfriend pulled up and he told her Lambing was not breathing. He said he went home and told his mom what happened.

Sebastian then began changing his stories. At one point he admitted he did shoot up heroin and the two other men took some of his heroin and shot up.

Harris has a prior conviction for possession of a controlled substance. shows no prior convictions for Sebastian.

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