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The Convention of all Conventions

The Singing Convention was wonderful. There were several “new” people as well as lots of regulars. The 95 attending represented 28 churches. We enjoyed good music, food and fellowship. The next Convention will meet the fourth Saturday of October so mark your calendar now so it won’t sneak up on you. It often seems like I have plenty of time, but sometimes I bump right into something before I realize I’m practically on top of it.

It’s funny how fast time goes now and yet I can look back to when it seemed to take forever for Christmas to come. Yes, I well remember how it was, but now my perception of time absolutely gallops the other way. I find myself hesitating to say how many years I am supposed to have lived, because I think there must be a mistake in this calculation. It is hard for me to believe. Where did those years go? Have I really been here long enough to peel thousands of potatoes, wash tons of dishes and make unfathomable pots of coffee? I suppose I have because I know for sure that coffee filters don’t lie.

How often have I thought that I surely had a lifetime supply of coffee filters on hand. They are so thin you know, so many even in a small package. But there have been many times when I found myself using the last one. When you think how fast the filters disappear at the rate of one pot per day, you have to know that the day will surely come when I may have an inch or two of filters left, but I will have no more days left to make coffee. This is a day that comes for everybody and we sure don’t want it to come as a surprise.

On that day I will either go to meet God or He will come to meet me. Nobody knows the day or the hour of this meeting, but God has warned that we had better be prepared when it comes. It is so good when we are able to enjoy the gifts we have been given, but we must never forget that this wisp of life is not an end in itself, but is time given for people to prepare for the best gift of all. A person has only to look in God’s Word to see what He requires of His people and what we have to do to get ready for the meeting. The Convention of all Conventions will be when we all get to Heaven and I am for sure not aiming to miss that one. How about you?

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