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Farmington Library offers technology classes

For many, adapting to the latest technology may bring some anxiety, a little embarrassment and the possibility of some self-esteem issues.

With its eye on the future and a desire to offer as much personal support as necessary, the Farmington Public Library is offering technology lesson at 10 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday for those needing help with basic computer needs.

“I have a lot of people tell me they don’t know how to use a computer,” Trokey said. “But then they pull out a smart phone and I have to explain to them they are using a computer already.”

Whether it is needing assistance to download an E-reader, understanding a smartphone or wondering how to send an attachment, Trokey is confident he can teach a person everything they need to know and more.

“I tell people I will teaching them anything,” said Trokey. “I have shown a grandfather how to Skype so he can read bedtime stories to his granddaughter.”

The technology classes have been offered since the spring of 2006, and were originally held quarterly. As a result, the classes were getting too large to accommodate and Trokey could not give his charges the one-on-one attention.

“I use to offer the class in the spring and fall at the library,” Trokey said. “Then I would offer the same class at the senior center during summer and winter, but they were getting too big.”

In October of 2013, the library began offering the classes at 10 a.m. and Trokey has been able cater his tutorials more toward the individual’s needs.

“I usually schedule it more one-on-one now,” Trokey said. “I was able to start breaking the lesson down to what the people wanted to know.”

With technology comes change. Although the fundamental elements of Trokey’s classes began to change from personal computers to tablets and smart phones, his desire to help people understand and use the technology did not.

According to Trokey, when e-books started to become more popular, he began instructing more people on e-readers such as Kindle Fire and iPads.

If success can be measure by repeat customers, then the library’s technology classes are a big success. Trokey explains that many of the patrons come back after their first class to keep learning and finding out ways to use their computers, tablets or smartphone even more.

“I had one retired gentleman who wanted to come back right after his first class was over,” Trokey said. “If you have a desire to learn, you will do well in these classes.”

Although summer is typically a slow period for the library, the program is picking up steam from their Facebook presences and word of mouth. One gentleman even heard about the program from the most unlikely source, his doctor’s office.

While at the doctor’s office, Trokey said the gentleman was talking about the problems with technology devices and three other patients suggested the gentleman come to the library to learn more.

For more information on about the technology classes, contact the Farmington Public Library at 756-5779 or at

Librarian Travis Trokey works at a computer in the library computer where he gives free technology classes at 10 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday. 

Librarian Travis Trokey works at a computer in the library computer where he gives free technology classes at 10 a.m. each Tuesday and Thursday. 

Craig Vaughn is a reporter with the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-756-8927 or at

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