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McMahan gets long-term drug treatment after violating probation

A Bonne Terre man could get out of serving a nine-year sentence if he successfully completes a long-term treatment program.

Circuit Court Judge Kenneth W. Pratte sentenced Steven R. McMahan Sr., 34, of Bonne Terre, to nine years in prison for violating the probation McMahan received for two counts of resisting arrest and second-degree burglary. However, the judge will consider releasing him on a new term of probation after McMahan completes a long-term drug treatment program. The program starts Sept. 22.

According to court records, on May 3, 2011, Deputy Tim Harris was driving by a tower north of Bonne Terre owned by American Tower Inc. and he noticed some people by the tower building.

When he went to check it out, two men ran off. The woman who stayed behind was taken into custody.

Harris learned the identities of the two men and that they had been stealing wire and scrap metal out of the building to sell it. Bullock said there was $33,510 worth of damage.

Bullock said neither one of the men gave a full confession but the woman, who was released, cooperated.

In other cases, Nathan D. Womack, 22, of Bonne Terre, was sentenced to six years in prison for second-degree burglary. The judge will consider releasing him on probation after he completes a 120-day shock incarceration program.

Jeremiah Jackson, 36, of Farmington, pleaded guilty to driving with a revoked license. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Placed on five years of supervised probation were Dallas Ivan Hodge, 23, of Farmington, for unlawful use of a weapon; Cody Michael Ayers, 26, of Scott City, for forgery; Daniel Hill, 32, of Ironton, for abuse of a child; Carter Ryan Govro, 23, of Farmington, for possession of heroin; Corey Lynn Akers, 35, of Bismarck, for second-degree domestic assault; Eric Paul Wampler, 42, incarcerated on other charges, for DWI; Dylan Henson, 24, of Fredericktown, for distribution of marijuana; and Patricia Dickerson, 37, of Park Hills, for possession of a controlled substance.

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