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Things aren’t always what they seem

This past weekend during a visit with some friends I noticed a manual propped on a nearby shelf titled “Your Invisible Dog Fence.”

I casually looked around the room, but saw no evidence of a dog in residence. My hostess, noticing my scrutiny, explained that they had just had an invisible dog fence installed on their property and that’s why all of the little white flags were dotted around their yard.

Curious, I asked, “Did it come with an invisible dog?”

After a lot of laughter and suggestions as to possible attributes of an invisible pet, no vet bills, no food, collars, etc. to buy, no waste to clean, and no barking to irritate the neighbors, it was finally explained that they had the fence installed because they were waiting to get a dog through the Parole Puppies program.

Seems they’ve met and applied to adopt a rescued yellow lab being trained in the program. Now, they’re just waiting to see if they qualify as the dog’s new family. In anticipation of his hoped for arrival, they’ve had the electric fence installed.

We had a lot of fun with the invisible fence/dog topic, but it also reminded me that we are quick to make assumptions (and judgments) based only on what we see, not knowing the facts. Maybe it should be a life lesson for all of us that there’s usually more than what meets the eye.

And I do hope their credentials are good enough to pass the dog adoption examination. If not, one of them is going to have to learn to bark at strangers.

Going Platinum … James (JC) and Allyaene Sales will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary this Saturday surrounded by their family and close friends. Their five children are holding a “down home” dinner and hoe down in the couple’s back yard in recognition of the occasion. The couple were married during the WWII years in 1944. JC, a WWII veteran, served as an ambulance driver on Okinawa. Allyaene is a native of Farmington. After their marriage the couple both worked at the Farmington State Hospital, and were recognized years ago by Missouri Mental Health for their joint 75 years of service at that facility. Besides raising their five children and actively helping to spoil their numerous great and grandchildren, they were both also involved in community organizations. Allyaene was an active member of the Pythian Sisters, eventually serving as the State President of that organization, and an active member of the VFW Auxiliary. JC was a member of the Knights of Pythias, American Legion, and Post Commander of the Farmington VFW. Cards of congratulations and good wishes would be appreciated for this delightful couple. Congratulations.

Best wishes also to those “youngsters” Dan and Jan Asher who had only their 57th anniversary on Aug. 11. They celebrated their special day as guest at the birthday party honoring Mary Jo Voertmann that evening at the Christian Church.

A large crowd of family and friends gathered in the basement of the Christian Church Monday night to applaud Mary Jo on her 70th birthday. Since “70” was the key word, her husband, Frank Voertmann, and the Voertmann family hosted the 1970s theme dinner and reception that evening for her many friends and acquaintances who joined in celebrating with her. Besides the usual birthday song, good food, and games, Mary Jo’s Blaylock family members from North Carolina, Nebraska and Colorado made a show-stopper hit with their grand entrance en masse dressed in 1970 clothing.

It was also a pleasure to see Delores Plummer and husband Jim there greeting friends after her many weeks of recovery from surgery.

Family gathering…Recently Sandra and Danny Miller were hosts for a weekend reunion of several members of Sandra’s family. Those who enjoyed the family group hug were: her cousins Pam Gray from Topeka, Kan., and her grandson, Andrew and Margaret Ann McLeod from Winston-Salem, N.C., and two of her daughters, Margie Holt from Rocky Mt., N.C. and Laura Helms from Birmingham, Ala. The Miller’s daughter, son-in-law and granddaugther, Christine, Bill and Mallory Robbins, also were here from California for the gathering. Christine and Mallory stayed an extra week and Mallory celebrated her 10th birthday while here. Mallory’s birthday was Aug. 10 and celebrated here.

Wedding vows exchanged….Dr. Katie Roark and Tim Schroeder were married July 19, in an afternoon ceremony at the Memorial United Methodist Church. Following their honeymoon in Hawaii, they returned to live in Fenton Mo. Tim is the Manager of Sales Accounting for Arch Coal, Inc. in St. Louis, and Katie has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology at St. Louis University. Katie plans to see patients at a satellite clinic of SLU Care at Parkland Health Center. Katie is the daughter of Mike and Cindy Roark and the granddaughter of Sue Brown.

A well-earned vacation…Shortly after their daughter’s wedding and the accompanying preparations, Cindy and Mike Roark spent a week in San Francisco, Calif. with friends from Texas and California. Historically this annual trip is a “girls’ trip” for Cindy and her girlfriends, but to celebrate the tenth year of the gathering, the husbands joined in the fun.

First in an “Organ-ic” series…. Dr. Paul Moniz has just published his first in what is to be a continuing series of illustrated book called, “The World Inside Us,” and this first adventure takes readers through the “Land of the Digestive System.” Basically written in verse for children in easily understood terms, the book will also be enjoyed by adults. The explanations given by Dr. Moniz were delightfully emphasized by the illustrations of Farmington High School student Alicia Boyer, who definitely has a brilliant future ahead in art. The small book is available to purchase at his offices at the Midwest Family Health Clinic. The adventures may not be Harry Potter, but this one is fun, as well as educational.

Schools open! The St. Paul Lutheran School opened Wednesday, and Farmington Public Schools are all back in session starting next Wednesday, Aug. 20.

Drive carefully. The streets will again be packed with back-to-school traffic.

Janet Douglas

Janet Douglas

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