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Pickup stolen from Festus-area home

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office recently reported that a pickup was stolen in the Festus area just minutes after the victim parked it around 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 10.

The woman left the keys and her purse inside the truck without locking it and went inside her residence.

After a couple minutes she heard the engine start and she looked outside only to see a man driving away in the truck.

She ran outside as the pickup stopped for a moment, honked the horn, and picked up a female who came running from between two houses.

A neighbor said he saw the driver throw a flashlight from the truck and the police took fingerprints from the item.

Law enforcement officers located the vehicle and gave chase and were forced to end pursuit; other officers eventually resumed a pursuit on I-55 but were also forced to end pursuit and the culprits escaped.

The pickup and the belongings were valued at nearly $10,000 in all.

No items have been recovered and there have been no suspects or arrests yet.

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