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Charged with possession, bribery attempt

A Farmington teen has been charged with bribery after he allegedly offered a police officer cash after he was found in possession of drugs.

Monis Jamal Zereik, 19, of Farmington, has been charged with the Class B felony of possession of Xanax with intent to distribute and the Class D felony of bribery of a public servant, as well as misdemeanors of possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and DWI.

After posting a $75,000 bond, Zereik was ordered to surrender his passport and have a SCRAM device installed on any vehicle he would operate.

According to court records, a Farmington officer was investigating a motor vehicle accident involving a Chevrolet Camaro at Treeline Drive and Route H on Oct. 1 when he discovered the driver, Zereik, appeared to be intoxicated. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was arrested.

During a search the officer found the teen in possession of marijuana. The officer also found pills, a scale, pipes, and more marijuana in the car. Zereik admitted to smoking marijuana the night before.

He asked the officer if he would “negotiate” with him about the pills. He offered the officer “cold, hard cash.”

The officer got a voice recorder and captured the rest of the conversation on audio recording in which Zereik repeats his “attempt at bribery,” according to the report.

<span><p class=Monis Jamal Zereik” width=”800″ /> Monis Jamal Zereik

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